Is it okay to get bigger tyres for your car?

Tyre upsizing is a fairly standard procedure especially if the tyres that are supplied by the carmaker don’t suit the customers wants or needs. In reality, many enthusiasts immediately take their new car to a tyre dealer for upgrading. Some do so to increase aesthetics, while others do so to change the dynamics of driving, especially cars in Malaysia that have to go through unpredictable weather and road conditions.

While tyre upsizing gives a vehicle a bold stance, it also provides performance disadvantages even though there’s the joy of a resolute appearance. Therefore, before upsizing their tyres, vehicle owners may want to consider several factors such as price and the effect it has on car performance.

By mounting tyres with a greater diameter on wheels of the same size or larger, up-sizing means moving away from the manufacturer-recommended tyre size. Up-sizing affects the speedometer, meaning it allows the vehicle’s computer to be reprogrammed. Additionally, the wheel assembly is weighted down by bigger tyres, which can affect fuel economy and put undue stress on the powertrain and brakes. Up-sized tyres may also rub the wheel well, brake callipers, or vehicle frame if designed or mounted improperly, potentially wearing down any sections they grind against.

Benefits of Upsizing

1. Better grip

Simply put, upsizing implies installing the car with wider tyres which enables the car to have a larger contact patch with the road. This allows for a better distribution of the car’s weight to make the car more planted, particularly at high speeds.

2. Better braking

Reliable braking will make all the difference between a safe and an ill-fated journey. Thanks to their more gripping nature, wider tyres help to bring the car to a stop in a shorter distance and shorter time. This way, even in situations that require you to press hard on the brakes, you can keep your loved ones safe.

3. Better cornering capability

A thumb rule for upsizing is that the associated sidewall height needs to be decreased with the increase in tyre width to maintain the centre of gravity. In contrast to low profile tyres, tyres with tall sidewalls produce more flex. When turning a corner at high speeds, this could result in the car feeling shaky. By providing better traction due to a wider contact patch and lower sidewall, upsizing reduces the issue with flexing.

Suspension plays a vital role in the car being cornered. And when the car is going at high speed, wider tyres appear to have slimmer sidewall flex that helps the driver to corner better.

4. Overall Control

Concerning its balance, stability and traction, tyre upsizing increases the overall performance of a vehicle. For vehicles that have an understeering or oversteering nature, this may prove to be an advantage since wider tyres help the driver balance the vehicle properly, thereby making driving safe and secure.

5. Customization & Curb Appeal

A common trend among truck drivers is bigger tyres, typically followed by bigger rims and higher suspension. Although some people want the off-road benefits that come with wider tyres, the big wheels are just about style points sometimes. One way to customize the look and sound of your driving equipment is to change your tyre size.

Downside of Upsizing

1. Reduced fuel economy

Although wider tyres give more traction, your car’s fuel economy is affected by them. The more gripping nature of improved tyres leads to greater rolling resistance (resistant tyre rolling force), which takes more engine revolutions to put the car into motion. All this contributes to a rise in fuel consumption, and the impact of stop-start traffic will be even more pronounced.

2. Heavier steering feel

Cars with upgraded tyres are more likely to have heavier steering. In certain circumstances, this is due to the additional weight of larger tyres and even wider wheels. This could change the accuracy of your steering, thus affecting the characteristics of handling.

3. Bumpy ride quality

Upsized tyres typically have a lower sidewall and the reduced sidewall height makes it less efficient for tyres to withstand undulations and bumps, resulting in passengers having a bumpier journey. This is why passenger car manufacturers abstain from using low-profile tyres on their vehicles.

4. Damage to wheel arches

A lot of upgraded tyres tend to stick out of the arches of their wheels. Such tyres sometimes end up reaching the wheel arches over bumps and potholes, although they can look cool to others. There’s also a concern that while driving, these oversized tyres rub against the kerb.

5. Wrong Speedometer Reading

Incorrectly done, tyre upsizing can influence the reading in the speedometer of your vehicle. In selecting the correct tyre to upsize, car owners must exercise caution. Tyre experts suggest that tyres be upsized proportionately; that is, the increase in tyre width should be similarly proportionate to the decrease in the sidewalls of the tyre. If the diameter of the upgraded tyres is greater than that of the original tyres, many other modern systems such as ABS, ETC, ESP and TPMS can affect the reading of the velocity meter and hinder output.

Suspension plays a vital role in the car being cornered. And when the car is going at high speed, wider tyres appear to have slimmer sidewall flex that helps the driver to corner better.

6. Higher Cost

Depending on factors such as the type of vehicle and tyres used, tyre upsizing can be a costly proposition for others. Larger wheels and tyres, though, in general, mean further costs for the owner of the vehicle.

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5 Popular Tyre Brands in Malaysia.

The tyre market in Malaysia stood at approximately USD 1.67 billion in 2019 and is forecast to hit USD 2.83 billion by 2025. With the increasing demand for personal sedans and SUVs for many sports and off-road activities, the tyre market in Malaysia is rising at a robust rate. Additionally, due to rising living standards in Malaysia, the expansion of the vehicle fleet in the country with a growing number of people purchasing more vehicles is also boosting the Malaysian tyre industry. 

Eco friendly oriented tyres such as Bridgestone Ecopia, Michelin Energy, Continental ContiComfort are being introduced to better fit various driving conditions, which is further expected to increase the level of technological developments in the tyre industry of the country in the coming years.

All these tyres help with various aspects of the experience of driving. Benefits include 20% higher gas mileage, improved protection on slippery roads while driving, accurate steering and improved energy efficiency more features include improved driving, fuel economy and quieter driving with greater absorption of noise.

1. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and owns the famous Firestone brand. They do have great dry grip tyres and despite their expensive tyre costs, they are widely available via most regional and national retail chains and online retailers. In addition to their specialization, Bridgestone also provides very high-quality wet grip tyres in rainy weather for motorsport. One such example would be their supply of wet tyres in F1 races, leading to several excellent results where the tyres were securely fixed to the wet ground at speeds over 240 kmh.

2. Michelin

Competitors to Bridgestone and Goodyear in terms of sales, Michelin holds a spot among the top foreign tyre suppliers. Their tyres are available worldwide and like Bridgestone comes with a higher price tag. As well as economic brands such as Riken, Michelin owns the BF Goodrich brand and sells excellent dry grip tyres that offer wonderful handling. Michelin’s Pilot Sport tyres have reviewed well. Racers and drivers alike comment on their outstanding performance, offering both a very good wet grip alongside a brilliant dry grip.

For drivers who require smaller tyre sizes, Michelin Malaysia provides the Energy XM2+ at affordable prices. The Energy XM2+ is outstanding with a combination of efficiency and reliability in terms of cost-effectiveness. When they are connected to your vehicle, you can sense the low rolling resistance of the tyres. Furthermore, the Enery XM2 is being priced fairly between RM160 to RM250 for tyres of size between 12″ to 16″.

3. Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, at the same stage as Michelin and Bridgestone, but also more costly. The well-known brand Dunlop and other mid-economy brands such as the mid-range brand Fulda are owned by Goodyear. Touring and travelling drivers tend to be more likely to buy Goodyear tyres as their tyres provide a good combination of wet and dry grip. Overall, opinions of Goodyear tyres seem to be reliable in that they are very good and slow to wear with their advanced dry grip and handling tyres. Goodyear’s wet tyres, on the other hand, have attracted criticism for their inability to be inconsistent and their lack of grip.

4. Continental

The German brand Continental has an outstanding reputation in Europe, with their brand names such as Viking, Uniroyal and Barum enjoying good reputations. Continental’s tyres are pricey, but not as pricey as the majority of the top five tyre brands. Interestingly, they are not seen at the same stage as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone even though they provide outstanding dry grip and excellent wet grip. 

Continental’s ContiForceContact tyres are consistently liked more by critics compared to Michelin’s sports cup tyres, with one of the strongest combinations of dry grip, handling and reduced wear on-road at a cheaper price.

The tyre models offered by Continental Malaysia, unlike Michelin Malaysia, are varied. the Continental ComfortContact 6 is promoted as the budget-friendly but extremely comfortable and quiet variant to suit the budget of the masses, while Continental PremiumContact 2 is primarily available for luxury brand cars, mainly the German brands: BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

5. Pirelli

The Italian tyre maker Pirelli offers a wide variety of styles for all conditions and purposes. Established as one of the top three European tyre manufacturers, Pirelli competes well with Michelin and Continental. Pirelli tyres are just as pricey as Bridgestone and Goodyear and are the main tyre brands for Courier and Ceat. Despite this, the variety of tyres from Pirelli has been highly sought after. Stocked by regional and national chains, online tyre fitters and independent retailers, the tyres of Pirelli suit the need and preference of every driver. is an innovative platform that offers competitive transparent pricing for tyres.

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Hari ini, 16 September 2020, adalah Hari Malaysia yang ke 57. Kami mengucapkan Selamat Hari Malaysia kepada yall semua.

Sebelum kita bermula, mari kita belajar apa maksudnya Hari Malaysia ini. Kenapa ianya berbeza hari dan tahunnya dari Hari Kemerdekaan.

Hari Malaysia adalah hari peringatan mengenai penubuhan negara Malaysia pada 16 September 1963. Pada hari tersebut, telah diisytiharkan pergabungan Malaya (Negeri-negeri di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu), Sabah, Serawak dan Singapura untuk membentuk sebuah negara baru bernama Malaysia.

Walaupun pada mulanya ianya pemimpin-pemimpin ingin mengisytiharkannya pada 31 Ogos 1963 iaitu pada hari menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang 6, namun beberapa halangan dari negara luar seperti Indonesia dan Filipina serta halangan dari Kelantan telah melambatkan pengisytiharan itu selama 16 hari. Walau bagaimanapun, Perjanjian Penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia telah pun ditandatangani oleh wakil-wakil kerajaan British, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura untuk menubuhkan Malaysia pada 31 Ogos 1963.

Akhirnya, pengisytiharaan telah dibuat pada 16 September 1963. Namun, hari ulangtahun ini tidak mendapat perhatian sehingga tahun 2010 bila ianya diisytiharkan sebagai hari bersejarah dan yang paling penting, sebagai hari cuti umum.

Seperti yang yall semua tahu, tahun 2020 ini sangat mencabar untuk seluruh dunia. Wabak Covid 19 masih melanda dan masih ada negara yang masih belum berjaya mengawal tahap infeksi dikalangan rakyatnya. Malaysia sangat bertuah kerana dengan usaha dari pihak kerajaan dan rakyat yang berdisiplin, wabak Covid 19 ini dapat dikawal dengan agak berjaya.

Dengan kawalan pergerakan yang pelbagai tahap dan penutupan sempadan negara, ianya menimbulkan satu semangat di kalangan rakyat negara ini. #kitajagakita dilaungkan dimerata tempat. “Support Local Buy Local” menjadi tema dimasa kini. Bunyi laungan dan tema ini sangat indah pada hari ini, Hari Malaysia.

Kami juga berbangga bahawa didalam dunia e-commerce, adalah satu hasil dari anak Malaysia membantu peniaga tayar anak Malaysia untuk yall anak-anak Malaysia.

Dari hari pertama website dilancarkan, kami sudah mendukung idea “Support Local Buy Local” ini. Lihat sahaja website kami dan yall perlu meletakkan lokasi yall supaya website menunjukkan harga dari workshop-workshop yang berhampiran sahaja.

Nak cari tayar murah, tayar mahal, tayar bagus ker apa, datang sahaja ke ni ok. Nak cap apa semua ada. Tayar Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Hankook, Yokohama, Continental, Viking ngan tayar China pun ada ok. Mai ramai tengok-tengok harga dulu. Kalau ok, boleh beli. Kalu tak ok, tekan X close window tu.

Akhir kata, AR mengucapkan “Selamat Hari Malaysia” kepada yall semua. Semoga hari yall semakin ceria.

#kitajagakita #Supportlocalbuylocal

Cara Beli Petrol di Petronas Guna SETEL apps

Hari ini AR nak tulis pasal cara membeli petrol di Petronas dengan guna SETEL apps ni. Tapi sebelum AR start, nak kena beritahu dulu yang blog post ini tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa pun dan ianya ditulis menggunakan pengalaman sendiri untuk kemudahan yall diluar sana.

Gambarajah 1

Sebenarnya AR pun baru guna apps Setel ni lepas tengok iklan bersepah ditepi highway. Jadi dalam hati kata, mungkin ianya lebih memudahkan untuk urusan kita seharian. Jadi jom kita mula ok dan disini AR letakkan screenshots telepon untuk jadi panduan yall semua.

Pertama sekali, yall kena tahu yang Setel ni macam e wallet macam Boost, TNG E Wallet, Grab Pay dan lain-lain jugak. Tetapi nampaknya penggunaan Setel ini masih terhad kepada stesen petrol Petronas sahaja.. Sighhhhh…

Mula-mula yall kena download apps Setel ni dari play store atau apps store. Lepas dah install, kena complete kan personal details cam NRIC number, telefon number, nama dan email. Lepas tu, kalau dah ada Mesra card yang register dengan NRIC yang sama, boleh link kan kad Mesra tu dalam Setel. Jadi points akan masuk terus dalam akaun Mesra kalau guna Setel. Kalau tak ada kad Mesra lagi pun tiada masalah sebab boleh register akaun Mesra baru dalam apps.

Gambarajah 2

Bila dah install tu, yall kena topup akaun Setel ni. Dia bukan bagi kita hutang untuk isi petrol ok. Untuk topup Setel ni, boleh guna credit card atau pun guna internet banking. Yall boleh topup berapa yall nak guna sekarang dan dimasa hadapan. Ada beberapa jumlah yang dia letak terus situ supaya senang tapi kalau nak jumlah lain, tekan Other dan letak jumlah tu sendiri. Sila abaikan baki RM0 dalam akaun Setel AR tu ok.

Lepas bank yall approvekan online payment tu, nanti jumlah baki di Setel akan tambah sebanyak jumlah topup yall tu.

Kalau nak lagi mudah, yall boleh setup auto topup akaun Setel ni dengan link kan credit/debit card kat dalam apps ni. Jadi tak pening nak topup sendiri bila baki dah rendah. Tapi AR tak buat sebab takut phone hilang dan orang boleh isi petrol guna apps Setel kita. Jadi terpulang pada yall mana yang lebih mudah atau selamat.

Gambarajah 3

Lepas tu, bila nak isi minyak, yall terus jer pergi ke stesen Petronas. Ingat tahu, Petronas sahaja… Shell, Petron, Caltex semua tak boleh ok..

Apps ini memerlukan gps coordinate telefon jadi location detection mesti on di phone yall tu… Bila dah sampai pam tu, yall kena tengok number kat pump tu.. Kat atas pam tu ada tulis ok… Macam kat Gambarajah 3, apps tahu AR di Petronas NKVE dan AR pilih pam no 13.

Lepas tu, yall boleh pilih berapa ringgit nak isi. Nak isi pakai kiraan liter pun boleh. Nak isi full tank pun boleh. Tekan jer butang yang berkenaan.

Lepas tu, lepas confirmkan jenis minyak yang diperlukan, tekan butang “Pay RMXX” tu ok macam Gambarajah 4. Oooo… Mesti ada data tahu kalau nak guna apps Setel ni.

Gambarajah 4
Gambarajah 5

Nanti dalam Setel akan ada message kata “Start Refueling Now” seperti di . Ini maksudnya yall boleh keluar kereta dan isi minyak macam biasa.

Kena ingat jangan bawa phone keluar ketika mengisi minyak atas faktor keselamatan. Letak je phone dalam kereta semasa mengisi minyak.

Gambarajah 6

Bila dah habis isi petrol, yall boleh masuk kereta macam biasa. Setel akan update kata “Fuelling Completed” macam gambarajah 6 dan 7 ini.

Gambarajah 7

Yall boleh lah meneruskan perjalanan yall ok.

Senang tak?

Setelah menggunakan Setel ini beberapa kali, disini AR terangkan apa kebaikan dan kekurangan Setel ni.

Mudah nak isi minyak
Tak perlu beratur di kaunter nak bayar dan tunggu pakcik depan tu cari duit dalam wallet
Touchless payment jadi selamat especially time covid19
Ada resit dan data di apps kalau nak guna untuk claim company dan lain-lain
Hanya boleh guna di stesen minyak Petronas sahaja. Nak guna untuk beli KFC pun tak boleh.

Sekarang kita dah tahu cara nak isi petrol guna Setel ni. Kalau yall nak cari tayar murah, tayar bagus, tayar mahal, tayar budget.. Yall pergi jer ke untuk cari. Apa cap yang yall nak semua ada. Ada Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Hankook, Viking, Yokohama semua ada.. Harga cun-cun kita letak kat website untuk yall cari ok… Nak mai website pukul 2pagi pun boleh..

Ada rahsia rupanya tayar kereta ni.

Hello yall.. Hari ini AR nak kongsi satu video youtube brader ni yang membongkar rahsia tayar kereta. Fuh, terkejut bila dengar ada rahsia-rahsia ni..

Cuba yall tengok video ni.. Pastu, jangan lupa untuk subscribe dan like channel brader ni ok.. Support la sikit.

Beli tayar kat pun boleh dapat AirAsia Big points la…

Hello semua.. boss itu hari habag kat AR, dia kata kalo orang ada AirAsia punya Big points, depa boleh dapat point gak kalu beli tayar kat… AR tanya dia, mana dia tahu.. Dia cakap kawan dia Ms Chong info dia.. Dah agak dah.. boss tu bukan rajin sangat pi mana2.. Abis-abis dia ada kad Axxess yang Ms Chong bagi kat dia yang dia dok tayang dalam opis ni..

Ni camni.. mula-mula yall kena pi cari kad AirAsia Big ni.. Lepas tu, yall boleh dapat points bila beli tiket Air Asia pi balik kampung ka apa… Bila dah banyak points.. boleh convert points tu untuk tiket kapalterbang free ka apa..

Kalu nak beli tayar, yall boleh ikut link ini tengok camna nak dapatkan points bila beli tayar di… Kalu belanja RM1, yall dapat 1 point.. Kalu yall ganti tayar myvi tu, kan dah dapat 600 points… Sapa nak bagi weyyyy kalau bukan AirAsia…

Ok jangan lupa taw.. Ni AR belanja gambar Uqasha Senrose masa dia jadi flight attendant di Air Asia.. AR tahu yall kalu ada gambar retis, mesti yall baca blog ni kan…

p/s : Kalu AirAsia pun boleh percaya kat, takkan yall semua takut kena klentong sama kita plak kan…

Yall suka kumpul loyalty points tak?

Hello yall.. apa kabar semua.. AR harap yall semua sihat-sihat dan berada didalam keadaan yang baik-baik..

Hari ini AR nak cerita pasal kumpul loyalty points.. Yall mesti tahu kan, ada kedai macam Tesco, Aeon, Petronas etc yang akan bagi points kat yall kalau beli dari derang tu.. Points tu pulak yall boleh simpan dan tebus untuk dapatkan barangan percuma macam topi ker, baju ker, ice cream ker dan sebagainya.

Cuba yall tengok kad loyalty points yang ada dalam kereta opis kitaorang.. Kalau isi minyak mana-mana pun, akan dapat point gitu.. Tu pun boss dah kasi ikat dengan carabiner satu supaya tak berterabur dalam kereta..

Baru-baru ini opis kitaorang dah signup dengan AXXESS dan yall boleh dapat point bila beli tayar melalui

Yall pun boleh gunakan kad AXXESS ni dan dapatkan points ni bila yall pergi shopping kat Giant dan Guardian… Dengarnya depa ni akan dapatkan lagi banyak kedai untuk join depa ni so yall boleh dapat points bila beli barang2 kat banyak kedai…

Menurut depa ni, yall boleh tukar points tu untuk dapatkan hospitalization insurance coverage dan kurangkan premium insuran kereta yall…

Kalau yall jenis suka pergi pergi Giant untuk beli barang, AR cadangkan yall pergi dapatkan kad AXXESS ni disana atau beli online kat

Selamat bershopping yall semua…


Yall ada terbaca artikel yang ini tak?

Hi yall… Apa khabar semua.. AR harap yall semua sihat sentiasa dan dah recover dari demam beraya dan open house.. Nampaknya ada yang seluar raya itu hari dah tak muat dah tu… hehehehe..

Sebenarnya AR kurang idea sikit seminggu dua ni nak tulis pasal kereta… Tapi dah jadi job pulak kan.. So kenalah tulis sikit otherwise boss bising plak..

AR dah jumpa satu blog nama yang sangat menarik. Ianya dah bermula sejak 2009 dan banyak bercakap mengenai lesen memandu dan hal-hal berkaitan…

AR pun suka blog tu sebab itu hari depa ada tulis pasal gitu.. Kalau yall nak baca, cer terjah kat sini…

Senarai Harga Tayar Kereta 2018 Untuk Semua Model Kereta