Can’t tell the difference between car tyres? Here are some pointers…

No matter what car it is, good tyres are a sure-fire way to make it better. Here’s everything you need to know about how to pick a tyre for a car. Tyres are so critical that there are “controlled” tyre rules in many car racing series, meaning everyone has to use the same tyres. Formula 1 does not have this rule and there is a difference between the performance of each team depending on how good their tyre manufacturers are. As the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the ground surface while driving, tyres are vital for your protection.

1. High-Performance Tyres

If you’ve ever seen sports and luxury cars zooming by on the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, you might have noticed that the tyres on these speed machines look a tad bit different from the run-of-the-mill ones found on economy class vehicles. More often than not, these high-end cars use high-performance tyres, which have been heavily optimised for a whole host of advantages.

For one, high-performance tyres have been designed to offer a quicker response for the driver, together with a reinforced grip to help cope with the exceptional speed commonly found in high-performance vehicles. Because of this, much like the high-end cars that use them, these tyres are often produced by premium manufacturers that apply an extensive amount of technology, research and development into each of their products. In fact, most high-performance tyres are literally made of a different compound, comprising specialist traits that enhance the levels of grip to improve braking power and handling.

The result of all this is an extremely effective tyre that encompasses qualities that a sporty speed machine might require to perform excellently on the road, from precision in steering response to great capacities for handling, and high-speed endurance. There are drawbacks, however, such as the obviously steeper price tag that comes with all this A+ quality, along with potential rapid wear and tear coming from the sheer performance advantages that these tyres were designed for.

2. Energy Saving Tyres

These days, it might seem like environmental friendly options and sustainable alternatives exist for practically every product in any given market. A tyre range is no exception, and energy-saving tyres are the economical, eco-friendly response to the industry’s demand for better sustainability-related solutions for the eco-conscious consumer. 

Most tyre manufacturers do in fact offer some form of energy-saving tyre, whether via in-built efficiency designed to reduce fuel consumption or whether the composition of the tyres helps to lower CO2 emissions, constant research and development is underway to find a balance between good performance and a mitigated impact on the environment. Drivers who want to save on fuel consumption and do their part for planet Earth can consider choosing an energy-saving tyre.

The concept is simple enough since certain tyres are built to use less energy to consume fuel at a lesser rate, this amounts to using a lesser amount of overall energy to move a particular vehicle from point A to B. As such, don’t expect phenomenal performance benefits from such eco-options, because the main priority for these tyres is to save the environment (and go easy on your wallet).

3. All-season tyres

As of yet, no ideal single tyre can tackle all forms of weather conditions during the year. A summer tyre offers terrible traction in the snow, as we’ve established, and a winter tyre performs dismally on the warm asphalt. But you’re close to straddling both worlds with an all-season tyre; If you live in an area with just a mild climate in winter and summer or in a city where the roads are clear of snow and you’re driving less than 6,000 miles (about 10,000 kilometres), it might be enough for your needs.

An all-season tyre incorporates both summer and winter tyre features, providing a hybrid option with the advantages of both. An all-season tyre, however, in its respective elements, does not match the seasonal specialism of a summer tyre or winter tyre. Bear in mind that an all-season tyre will only ever represent a solution, simply providing those drivers who do not intend to have to contend with harsh weather conditions with a solid mix of attributes.

The all-season tyre incorporates the best of both summer and winter tyres into one kit, so you can run it throughout the year. All-season tyres, opposed to specialized summer and winter tyres, provide decent performance in summer and winter without excelling. If you don’t want to move from summer to winter every 6 months or so, they are a convenient choice.

4. Run-flat tyres

After the introduction of the pneumatic tyre or the transition from bias-ply to radial tyres, run-flat tyres are one of the best innovations in the automotive industry. Why is it groundbreaking? A run-flat tyre can remain completely operational in the event of a puncture, or a sudden decrease in inflation pressure, before the driver can safely make it home or to the nearest garage.

Solid and thick reinforced sidewalls have the functionality of a run-flat tyre so that they can be pushed on temporarily after a puncture. In general, on a punctured run-flat tyre, you should be able to drive up to 80 km. Bear in mind, however, that they can’t be fixed and you need to replace them with a new tyre as soon as possible.

5. 4×4 tyres

4×4 tyres, mostly a wider tread block and deeper tyre grooves, have a more widely spaced tread pattern than traditional car tyres. On conditions like wet ground, regular tyres perform poorly because the tread fills with mud easily and the wheel starts to turn uselessly, digging the tyre deeper and deeper into a pit. By contrast, 4×4 tyres have greater traction without the tread area being clogged on rough terrains such as dirt, grass and snow.

Is it okay to get bigger tyres for your car?

Tyre upsizing is a fairly standard procedure especially if the tyres that are supplied by the carmaker don’t suit the customers wants or needs. In reality, many enthusiasts immediately take their new car to a tyre dealer for upgrading. Some do so to increase aesthetics, while others do so to change the dynamics of driving, especially cars in Malaysia that have to go through unpredictable weather and road conditions.

While tyre upsizing gives a vehicle a bold stance, it also provides performance disadvantages even though there’s the joy of a resolute appearance. Therefore, before upsizing their tyres, vehicle owners may want to consider several factors such as price and the effect it has on car performance.

By mounting tyres with a greater diameter on wheels of the same size or larger, up-sizing means moving away from the manufacturer-recommended tyre size. Up-sizing affects the speedometer, meaning it allows the vehicle’s computer to be reprogrammed. Additionally, the wheel assembly is weighted down by bigger tyres, which can affect fuel economy and put undue stress on the powertrain and brakes. Up-sized tyres may also rub the wheel well, brake callipers, or vehicle frame if designed or mounted improperly, potentially wearing down any sections they grind against.

Benefits of Upsizing

1. Better grip

Simply put, upsizing implies installing the car with wider tyres which enables the car to have a larger contact patch with the road. This allows for a better distribution of the car’s weight to make the car more planted, particularly at high speeds.

2. Better braking

Reliable braking will make all the difference between a safe and an ill-fated journey. Thanks to their more gripping nature, wider tyres help to bring the car to a stop in a shorter distance and shorter time. This way, even in situations that require you to press hard on the brakes, you can keep your loved ones safe.

3. Better cornering capability

A thumb rule for upsizing is that the associated sidewall height needs to be decreased with the increase in tyre width to maintain the centre of gravity. In contrast to low profile tyres, tyres with tall sidewalls produce more flex. When turning a corner at high speeds, this could result in the car feeling shaky. By providing better traction due to a wider contact patch and lower sidewall, upsizing reduces the issue with flexing.

Suspension plays a vital role in the car being cornered. And when the car is going at high speed, wider tyres appear to have slimmer sidewall flex that helps the driver to corner better.

4. Overall Control

Concerning its balance, stability and traction, tyre upsizing increases the overall performance of a vehicle. For vehicles that have an understeering or oversteering nature, this may prove to be an advantage since wider tyres help the driver balance the vehicle properly, thereby making driving safe and secure.

5. Customization & Curb Appeal

A common trend among truck drivers is bigger tyres, typically followed by bigger rims and higher suspension. Although some people want the off-road benefits that come with wider tyres, the big wheels are just about style points sometimes. One way to customize the look and sound of your driving equipment is to change your tyre size.

Downside of Upsizing

1. Reduced fuel economy

Although wider tyres give more traction, your car’s fuel economy is affected by them. The more gripping nature of improved tyres leads to greater rolling resistance (resistant tyre rolling force), which takes more engine revolutions to put the car into motion. All this contributes to a rise in fuel consumption, and the impact of stop-start traffic will be even more pronounced.

2. Heavier steering feel

Cars with upgraded tyres are more likely to have heavier steering. In certain circumstances, this is due to the additional weight of larger tyres and even wider wheels. This could change the accuracy of your steering, thus affecting the characteristics of handling.

3. Bumpy ride quality

Upsized tyres typically have a lower sidewall and the reduced sidewall height makes it less efficient for tyres to withstand undulations and bumps, resulting in passengers having a bumpier journey. This is why passenger car manufacturers abstain from using low-profile tyres on their vehicles.

4. Damage to wheel arches

A lot of upgraded tyres tend to stick out of the arches of their wheels. Such tyres sometimes end up reaching the wheel arches over bumps and potholes, although they can look cool to others. There’s also a concern that while driving, these oversized tyres rub against the kerb.

5. Wrong Speedometer Reading

Incorrectly done, tyre upsizing can influence the reading in the speedometer of your vehicle. In selecting the correct tyre to upsize, car owners must exercise caution. Tyre experts suggest that tyres be upsized proportionately; that is, the increase in tyre width should be similarly proportionate to the decrease in the sidewalls of the tyre. If the diameter of the upgraded tyres is greater than that of the original tyres, many other modern systems such as ABS, ETC, ESP and TPMS can affect the reading of the velocity meter and hinder output.

Suspension plays a vital role in the car being cornered. And when the car is going at high speed, wider tyres appear to have slimmer sidewall flex that helps the driver to corner better.

6. Higher Cost

Depending on factors such as the type of vehicle and tyres used, tyre upsizing can be a costly proposition for others. Larger wheels and tyres, though, in general, mean further costs for the owner of the vehicle.

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6 Tips to Make Your Tyres Last a Little Longer

There are millions of cars on the road right now. From tiny commuter cars to huge pick-up trucks, they all have a few simple things in common, regardless of what they look like or how they are used: an engine that generates the power and tyres to ride on. When it comes to your vehicle, one of the most important aspects is the tyres, and though they might not last forever, you can do a lot of different things to make them last that little bit longer, especially for cars in Malaysia that have to handle ever-changing road conditions.

It can be costly to look after your car, especially when you have to change the tyres, so it pays to look after them to save you money in the long run as it also allows for a great driving experience which can contribute to a better economy of fuel. Here are some quick tips for making your car tyres last longer and maintaining your car’s quality and performance.

1. Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

Checking and managing the right tyre pressure is the most significant part of maintaining the tyres of a vehicle. Your owner’s manual will tell you the right tyre pressure. After continuous driving, the tyres lose air pressure and need to be reinflated every month or so. For all four tyres, check the pressure on a fortnightly basis. The best time to do so is when the air is cold in the morning. You also need to keep a watch on the spare wheel’s PSI level monthly. You may also opt to fill your tyres with nitrogen, which only needs to be tested once every two months.

2. Check for nails

It might sound dumb, but you will be surprised at how much a flat tyre is triggered by a nail or screw. Although you would expect a nail to instantly cause a puncture, they cause slow leaks more often than not and you might be driving around for quite a while with one in your tyre. Conduct a visual search ever so often for nails in your tyres. You can save a great deal if found early enough by just paying for a puncture patch instead of a new tyre. So keep an eye on your tyres and take care of them, because in the long run, doing the little stuff will save you a lot of time.

3. Wheel alignment

By standing in front of the parked car (or behind it, if you are testing the rear tyres), check for camber, the tilt of the tyre toward or away from the frame of the car. The tread will first wear away on the inside of the tyre if the tyres tip-in, that is, the tops are closer together than the bottoms. There will be more wear on the outside if they tip out if the bottoms are closer than the tops.

The toe, or stance of the tyres, in the driveway, is also very easy to verify. Think of the tyres as feet on a single axle, either front or rear. The fronts of the tyres are where the toes will be in any situation. Toe-in means that, like standing pigeon-toed, the fronts of the tyres are closer together, and the tread will wear from the outside. Toe out means that, similar to a ballet stance, the back of the tyres are closer together, and the tyres can wear from the inside. The wearing of toe-out tyres is often referred to as “feathering.”

It’s time to get your tyres aligned to improve their usefulness if you find your tyres are slightly off-angle or if you see the tell-tale tread wear. You may want to have those tyres rotated while you’re at it, too, which we’ll cover next.

4. Rotation

This goes without saying, but car owners should still be reminded that rotating the tyres ensures they can wear more uniformly. And even wear, no matter what kind of tyre you’re using is the secret to getting the most out of a collection of tyres.

Rotating the tyres involves taking all of them off and shifting each of them to the car’s new location. Depending on whether it’s a front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive car, rear tyres wear differently than front tyres. Depending on the number of turns made in either direction or how carefully you parallel park, left tyres wear differently than the right side. In our time, we’ve probably all scraped a right tyre or two; rotating the tyres means not scratching the same poor tyre against the curb over and over again.

The rubber is rotated every 10,000 to 15,000 km by most automakers and tyre manufacturers. If your car has a full-size spare—a tyre that looks like the one on the car and not a little black doughnut for emergency use—then make sure the fifth tyre is still included in the rotation. That will help to minimize wear quite a bit on each tyre and give you the full life for your tyre collection.

5. Match your tyre types

Tyres made of various types of rubber or with slightly different dimensions with different tread patterns can cause problems with automatic traction control, wheel alignment and your vehicle’s overall performance. So try to make sure they all fit the tyres on your car, i.e. that they are the same brand and model.

6. Inspect Treads Regularly

To easily note the wear and tear as it happens, familiarize yourself with the tread on the tyre when it is new. If they are worn, you should be careful to watch for uneven tread wear, as you might cut your hand with the exposed wire under the frame. If the tyre has mostly worn treads around the sides, it signifies an underinflated tyre, while over-inflation is indicated by worn treads in the middle. Also susceptible to punctures, leakage and blowouts are tyres that are worn out. New tyres come with a threshold mark, meaning that the tyres are fully worn out and require a replacement.


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5 Popular Tyre Brands in Malaysia.

The tyre market in Malaysia stood at approximately USD 1.67 billion in 2019 and is forecast to hit USD 2.83 billion by 2025. With the increasing demand for personal sedans and SUVs for many sports and off-road activities, the tyre market in Malaysia is rising at a robust rate. Additionally, due to rising living standards in Malaysia, the expansion of the vehicle fleet in the country with a growing number of people purchasing more vehicles is also boosting the Malaysian tyre industry. 

Eco friendly oriented tyres such as Bridgestone Ecopia, Michelin Energy, Continental ContiComfort are being introduced to better fit various driving conditions, which is further expected to increase the level of technological developments in the tyre industry of the country in the coming years.

All these tyres help with various aspects of the experience of driving. Benefits include 20% higher gas mileage, improved protection on slippery roads while driving, accurate steering and improved energy efficiency more features include improved driving, fuel economy and quieter driving with greater absorption of noise.

1. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and owns the famous Firestone brand. They do have great dry grip tyres and despite their expensive tyre costs, they are widely available via most regional and national retail chains and online retailers. In addition to their specialization, Bridgestone also provides very high-quality wet grip tyres in rainy weather for motorsport. One such example would be their supply of wet tyres in F1 races, leading to several excellent results where the tyres were securely fixed to the wet ground at speeds over 240 kmh.

2. Michelin

Competitors to Bridgestone and Goodyear in terms of sales, Michelin holds a spot among the top foreign tyre suppliers. Their tyres are available worldwide and like Bridgestone comes with a higher price tag. As well as economic brands such as Riken, Michelin owns the BF Goodrich brand and sells excellent dry grip tyres that offer wonderful handling. Michelin’s Pilot Sport tyres have reviewed well. Racers and drivers alike comment on their outstanding performance, offering both a very good wet grip alongside a brilliant dry grip.

For drivers who require smaller tyre sizes, Michelin Malaysia provides the Energy XM2+ at affordable prices. The Energy XM2+ is outstanding with a combination of efficiency and reliability in terms of cost-effectiveness. When they are connected to your vehicle, you can sense the low rolling resistance of the tyres. Furthermore, the Enery XM2 is being priced fairly between RM160 to RM250 for tyres of size between 12″ to 16″.

3. Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, at the same stage as Michelin and Bridgestone, but also more costly. The well-known brand Dunlop and other mid-economy brands such as the mid-range brand Fulda are owned by Goodyear. Touring and travelling drivers tend to be more likely to buy Goodyear tyres as their tyres provide a good combination of wet and dry grip. Overall, opinions of Goodyear tyres seem to be reliable in that they are very good and slow to wear with their advanced dry grip and handling tyres. Goodyear’s wet tyres, on the other hand, have attracted criticism for their inability to be inconsistent and their lack of grip.

4. Continental

The German brand Continental has an outstanding reputation in Europe, with their brand names such as Viking, Uniroyal and Barum enjoying good reputations. Continental’s tyres are pricey, but not as pricey as the majority of the top five tyre brands. Interestingly, they are not seen at the same stage as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone even though they provide outstanding dry grip and excellent wet grip. 

Continental’s ContiForceContact tyres are consistently liked more by critics compared to Michelin’s sports cup tyres, with one of the strongest combinations of dry grip, handling and reduced wear on-road at a cheaper price.

The tyre models offered by Continental Malaysia, unlike Michelin Malaysia, are varied. the Continental ComfortContact 6 is promoted as the budget-friendly but extremely comfortable and quiet variant to suit the budget of the masses, while Continental PremiumContact 2 is primarily available for luxury brand cars, mainly the German brands: BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

5. Pirelli

The Italian tyre maker Pirelli offers a wide variety of styles for all conditions and purposes. Established as one of the top three European tyre manufacturers, Pirelli competes well with Michelin and Continental. Pirelli tyres are just as pricey as Bridgestone and Goodyear and are the main tyre brands for Courier and Ceat. Despite this, the variety of tyres from Pirelli has been highly sought after. Stocked by regional and national chains, online tyre fitters and independent retailers, the tyres of Pirelli suit the need and preference of every driver. is an innovative platform that offers competitive transparent pricing for tyres.

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Pentingkah Flood Coverage dalam Insuran Kereta ni?

Yall mesti pernah video bawah ni di youtube kan. Kejadian kereta Perodua Kelisa yang mengharung banjir di Kuala Lumpur bulan September 2020 yang lepas menunjukkan kebolehan kereta itu meranduk air banjir yang agak tinggi. Mungkin kerana namanya Kelisa, ianya mempunyai kebolehan untuk berenang seperti ikan kelisa.

Malangnya tak semua kereta ada kebolehan untuk meranduk air. Oleh kerana kejadian banjir kilat semakin kerap berlaku di Malaysia terutamanya di Kuala Lumpur, ramai orang telah terperangkap didalam banjir kilat ketika mereka sedang memandu ataupun ketika kereta mereka sedang diparkirkan. Ada banyak kejadian dimana kereta telah ditenggelami air di parkir terbuka dan juga tertutup.

Pertama sekali, sekiranya anda mendapati jalan dihadapan anda mengalami kenaikan air banjir kilat, anda hendaklah menghentikan perjalanan dan menunggu sehingga air itu surut dan jalan itu selamat digunakan semula.

Amatlah tidak digalakkan anda untuk memandu kereta apabila air banjir itu melebihi paras 6 inci kecuali ianya dibenarkan secara nyata oleh pengeluar kereta anda. Walaupun kedalaman air itu hanya 6 inci, kereta anda mungkin akan mati didalam air kerana percikan air mengenai alat-alat elektronik kereta itu. Jika air banjir itu pula bergerak dengan laju, sangat tidak digalakkan untuk meranduk air banjir itu dengan kereta kerana kemungkinan kereta anda dihanyutkan arus deras itu sangat besar.

Oleh itu, jika anda boleh mengelak kereta anda ditenggelami air, elakkan selagi boleh, ok?

Tetapi, tahukah anda bahawa kerosakan yang dialami kerana kereta ditenggelami banjir tidak akan dibayar kos pembaikannya oleh syarikat insurance. Jadi, ramai yang telah terpaksa mengeluarkan kos yang besar untuk membaik pulih kereta yang telah ditenggelami air banjir.

Insurance 1st party atau 3rd party tidak akan membayar kos pembaikan kerosakan yang disebabkan oleh air banjir. Anda harus membeli dan membayar kos tambahan untuk perlindungan “Flood and Storm Extension” yang ditawarkan oleh setiap syarikat insuran/takaful di Malaysia. Sekiranya anda membeli perlindungan tambahan ini, kos pembaikan kerana kerosakan disebabkan banjir akan ditanggung oleh syarikat insuran anda. Tetapi harus diingatkan kadar premium dan perlindungan berbeza-beza diantara satu syarikat insuran kepada syarikat yang lain. Jadi anda harus bijak untuk membuat perbandingan untuk mencari perlindungan yang terbaik untuk diri anda.

Kalau nak renew insuran kereta dengan flood coverage pakai pun boleh. Hantar sahaja whatsapp ke 0107782927 kata nak renew insuran. Kami mempunyai rakan agensi insuran yang handal-handal yang boleh membantu anda. Usaha Anak Malaysia

Hari ini, 16 September 2020, adalah Hari Malaysia yang ke 57. Kami mengucapkan Selamat Hari Malaysia kepada yall semua.

Sebelum kita bermula, mari kita belajar apa maksudnya Hari Malaysia ini. Kenapa ianya berbeza hari dan tahunnya dari Hari Kemerdekaan.

Hari Malaysia adalah hari peringatan mengenai penubuhan negara Malaysia pada 16 September 1963. Pada hari tersebut, telah diisytiharkan pergabungan Malaya (Negeri-negeri di Semenanjung Tanah Melayu), Sabah, Serawak dan Singapura untuk membentuk sebuah negara baru bernama Malaysia.

Walaupun pada mulanya ianya pemimpin-pemimpin ingin mengisytiharkannya pada 31 Ogos 1963 iaitu pada hari menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang 6, namun beberapa halangan dari negara luar seperti Indonesia dan Filipina serta halangan dari Kelantan telah melambatkan pengisytiharan itu selama 16 hari. Walau bagaimanapun, Perjanjian Penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia telah pun ditandatangani oleh wakil-wakil kerajaan British, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura untuk menubuhkan Malaysia pada 31 Ogos 1963.

Akhirnya, pengisytiharaan telah dibuat pada 16 September 1963. Namun, hari ulangtahun ini tidak mendapat perhatian sehingga tahun 2010 bila ianya diisytiharkan sebagai hari bersejarah dan yang paling penting, sebagai hari cuti umum.

Seperti yang yall semua tahu, tahun 2020 ini sangat mencabar untuk seluruh dunia. Wabak Covid 19 masih melanda dan masih ada negara yang masih belum berjaya mengawal tahap infeksi dikalangan rakyatnya. Malaysia sangat bertuah kerana dengan usaha dari pihak kerajaan dan rakyat yang berdisiplin, wabak Covid 19 ini dapat dikawal dengan agak berjaya.

Dengan kawalan pergerakan yang pelbagai tahap dan penutupan sempadan negara, ianya menimbulkan satu semangat di kalangan rakyat negara ini. #kitajagakita dilaungkan dimerata tempat. “Support Local Buy Local” menjadi tema dimasa kini. Bunyi laungan dan tema ini sangat indah pada hari ini, Hari Malaysia.

Kami juga berbangga bahawa didalam dunia e-commerce, adalah satu hasil dari anak Malaysia membantu peniaga tayar anak Malaysia untuk yall anak-anak Malaysia.

Dari hari pertama website dilancarkan, kami sudah mendukung idea “Support Local Buy Local” ini. Lihat sahaja website kami dan yall perlu meletakkan lokasi yall supaya website menunjukkan harga dari workshop-workshop yang berhampiran sahaja.

Nak cari tayar murah, tayar mahal, tayar bagus ker apa, datang sahaja ke ni ok. Nak cap apa semua ada. Tayar Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Hankook, Yokohama, Continental, Viking ngan tayar China pun ada ok. Mai ramai tengok-tengok harga dulu. Kalau ok, boleh beli. Kalu tak ok, tekan X close window tu.

Akhir kata, AR mengucapkan “Selamat Hari Malaysia” kepada yall semua. Semoga hari yall semakin ceria.

#kitajagakita #Supportlocalbuylocal

Cara Beli Petrol di Petronas Guna SETEL apps

Hari ini AR nak tulis pasal cara membeli petrol di Petronas dengan guna SETEL apps ni. Tapi sebelum AR start, nak kena beritahu dulu yang blog post ini tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa pun dan ianya ditulis menggunakan pengalaman sendiri untuk kemudahan yall diluar sana.

Gambarajah 1

Sebenarnya AR pun baru guna apps Setel ni lepas tengok iklan bersepah ditepi highway. Jadi dalam hati kata, mungkin ianya lebih memudahkan untuk urusan kita seharian. Jadi jom kita mula ok dan disini AR letakkan screenshots telepon untuk jadi panduan yall semua.

Pertama sekali, yall kena tahu yang Setel ni macam e wallet macam Boost, TNG E Wallet, Grab Pay dan lain-lain jugak. Tetapi nampaknya penggunaan Setel ini masih terhad kepada stesen petrol Petronas sahaja.. Sighhhhh…

Mula-mula yall kena download apps Setel ni dari play store atau apps store. Lepas dah install, kena complete kan personal details cam NRIC number, telefon number, nama dan email. Lepas tu, kalau dah ada Mesra card yang register dengan NRIC yang sama, boleh link kan kad Mesra tu dalam Setel. Jadi points akan masuk terus dalam akaun Mesra kalau guna Setel. Kalau tak ada kad Mesra lagi pun tiada masalah sebab boleh register akaun Mesra baru dalam apps.

Gambarajah 2

Bila dah install tu, yall kena topup akaun Setel ni. Dia bukan bagi kita hutang untuk isi petrol ok. Untuk topup Setel ni, boleh guna credit card atau pun guna internet banking. Yall boleh topup berapa yall nak guna sekarang dan dimasa hadapan. Ada beberapa jumlah yang dia letak terus situ supaya senang tapi kalau nak jumlah lain, tekan Other dan letak jumlah tu sendiri. Sila abaikan baki RM0 dalam akaun Setel AR tu ok.

Lepas bank yall approvekan online payment tu, nanti jumlah baki di Setel akan tambah sebanyak jumlah topup yall tu.

Kalau nak lagi mudah, yall boleh setup auto topup akaun Setel ni dengan link kan credit/debit card kat dalam apps ni. Jadi tak pening nak topup sendiri bila baki dah rendah. Tapi AR tak buat sebab takut phone hilang dan orang boleh isi petrol guna apps Setel kita. Jadi terpulang pada yall mana yang lebih mudah atau selamat.

Gambarajah 3

Lepas tu, bila nak isi minyak, yall terus jer pergi ke stesen Petronas. Ingat tahu, Petronas sahaja… Shell, Petron, Caltex semua tak boleh ok..

Apps ini memerlukan gps coordinate telefon jadi location detection mesti on di phone yall tu… Bila dah sampai pam tu, yall kena tengok number kat pump tu.. Kat atas pam tu ada tulis ok… Macam kat Gambarajah 3, apps tahu AR di Petronas NKVE dan AR pilih pam no 13.

Lepas tu, yall boleh pilih berapa ringgit nak isi. Nak isi pakai kiraan liter pun boleh. Nak isi full tank pun boleh. Tekan jer butang yang berkenaan.

Lepas tu, lepas confirmkan jenis minyak yang diperlukan, tekan butang “Pay RMXX” tu ok macam Gambarajah 4. Oooo… Mesti ada data tahu kalau nak guna apps Setel ni.

Gambarajah 4
Gambarajah 5

Nanti dalam Setel akan ada message kata “Start Refueling Now” seperti di . Ini maksudnya yall boleh keluar kereta dan isi minyak macam biasa.

Kena ingat jangan bawa phone keluar ketika mengisi minyak atas faktor keselamatan. Letak je phone dalam kereta semasa mengisi minyak.

Gambarajah 6

Bila dah habis isi petrol, yall boleh masuk kereta macam biasa. Setel akan update kata “Fuelling Completed” macam gambarajah 6 dan 7 ini.

Gambarajah 7

Yall boleh lah meneruskan perjalanan yall ok.

Senang tak?

Setelah menggunakan Setel ini beberapa kali, disini AR terangkan apa kebaikan dan kekurangan Setel ni.

Mudah nak isi minyak
Tak perlu beratur di kaunter nak bayar dan tunggu pakcik depan tu cari duit dalam wallet
Touchless payment jadi selamat especially time covid19
Ada resit dan data di apps kalau nak guna untuk claim company dan lain-lain
Hanya boleh guna di stesen minyak Petronas sahaja. Nak guna untuk beli KFC pun tak boleh.

Sekarang kita dah tahu cara nak isi petrol guna Setel ni. Kalau yall nak cari tayar murah, tayar bagus, tayar mahal, tayar budget.. Yall pergi jer ke untuk cari. Apa cap yang yall nak semua ada. Ada Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Hankook, Viking, Yokohama semua ada.. Harga cun-cun kita letak kat website untuk yall cari ok… Nak mai website pukul 2pagi pun boleh..

Tahap Kepuasan Pelanggan yang Tinggi

Didalam apa-apa perniagaan, kepuasan pelanggan adalah salah satu perkara utama yang mesti dicapai. Sekiranya pelanggan tidak berpuas-hati dengan barangan dan perkhidmatan yang diberikan, sangat sukar untuk perniagaan itu untuk terus berkembang.

Didalam negara ini, selalunya pengguna sangat jarang meluahkan rasa ketidakpuasan hati mereka secara terang-terang tetapi mereka lebih selesa untuk memberitahu rakan dan saudara mereka supaya tidak menggunakan produk dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh sesebuah perniagaan. Malah, mereka lebih selesa untuk berhenti dari terus menggunakan produk dan perkhidmatan tersebut. Pengguna akan diam-diam akan beralih kepada pesaing yang lain.

Di, kami telah cuba sedaya upaya untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan online dan offline yang terbaik untuk anda pelanggan kami. Kami telah meletakkan service standard yang tinggi kepada diri kami sebagai penyedia perkhidmatan online dan kepada Network Workshops sebagai delivery partner. Antaranya, kami akan memastikan Network Workshops mempunyai persekitaran yang bersih sebagai workshop kereta, mekanik yang terlatih, dan pengurusan yang jujur serta mementingkan kepuasan pelanggan sebelum mengambil mereka sebagai ahli Network Workshops kami.

Kami dengan bangganya telah membuang beberapa workshops yang gagal menepati minimum service standard kami. Ini adalah untuk memastikan bahawa tahap kepuasan pelanggan yang tinggi sepanjang masa.

Di website pula, kami cuba memberikan cara pembelian yang mudah, selamat dan telus. Kami cuba untuk memberikan semua fakta-fakta secara jelas di website kami untuk membolehkan pengguna membuat informed decision. Tetapi, ada beberapa kekangan yang kami hadapi kerana ada dikalangan pengguna menganggap adalah seperti kedai tayar yang lain. Sebagai contoh, 90% dari soalan yang diterima adalah untuk memberikan harga tayar yang mana telah diletakkan secara nyata di website kami. Kami terpaksa meminta pengguna untuk merujuk sendiri di website bagi mendapatkan harga tayar.

Malangnya, sebagai pengendali website, kami tidak dapat berinteraksi secara bersemuka dengan pelanggan kami. Oleh yang demikian, kami tidak dapat mendapatkan feedback terus dari pelanggan. Oleh itu, bagi setiap pelanggan yang membeli tayar melalui, kami akan memberikan link kepada Customer Satisfaction Survey untuk diisi oleh pelanggan. Kami menggunakan website pada mulanya dan telah berubah kepada bagi tujuan ini.

Bagi setiap survey yang mempunyai komen dari pelanggan akan diteliti dan sekiranya mempunyai valid argument akan diambil tindakan oleh pihak pengurusan kami. Sekiranya komen dan jawaban diberikan adalah mengenai tahap pencapaian workshop, kami akan memberitahu pengusaha workshop mengenai komen pelanggan. Kami percaya komen yang mungkin jelek kepada pengusaha lain adalah teguran yang berharga dari anda pelanggan kami.

Bagi setiap survey yang mempunyai komen dari pelanggan akan diteliti dan sekiranya mempunyai valid argument akan diambil tindakan oleh pihak pengurusan kami. Sekiranya komen dan jawaban diberikan adalah mengenai tahap pencapaian workshop, kami akan memberitahu pengusaha mengenai komen pelanggan. Kami percaya komen yang mungkin jelek kepada pengusaha lain adalah teguran yang berharga dari anda pelanggan kami.

Jadi tanpa rasa segan-silu, kami letakkan hasil keputusan Customer Satisfaction Survey kami untuk tatapan anda. Didalam setiap soalan, kami memberikan 5 skel untuk dipilih oleh pelanggan seperti berikut.

  1. Extremely Satisfied
  2. Very Satisfied
  3. Moderately Satisfied
  4. Slightly Satisfied
  5. Not Satisfied

Kebiasaannya, sesebuah syarikat akan berasa bangga dengan mencapai tahap Moderately Satisfied yang dalam bahasa pasarnya adalah “boleh lah gitu”. Di, kami ingin mencapai tahap standard yang lebih tinggi dan hanya akan bergembira dengan mendapat Extermely Satisfied dan Very Satisfied sahaja. Kami akan cuba untuk mencari sebab kenapa kami mendapat markah yang lebih rendah dan bagaimanakah ianya boleh ditingkatkan.

Bagi soalan “How easy is it to navigate our website”, kami mendapati 76% pelanggan mendapati ianya Extremely Easy dan Very Easy. Apa yang kami perhatikan ialah ramai pelanggan yang agak keliru dengan cara untuk membeli tayar yang memerlukan sedikit pengetahuan teknikal untuk mengetahui saiz tayar yang diperlukan. Kami akan cuba untuk mencari jalan agar website navigation menjadi lebih intuitif dan mudah.

How easy is it to navigate our website?%Age of Response
Extremely easy21%
Very easy55%
Moderately easy19%
Slightly easy4%
Not easy1%

Bagi soalan “How easy is it for you to find the product / information you are looking for on our website?”, kami mendapati 81% pelanggan memberikan jawaban Extermely Easy dan Very Easy. Kami bergembira kerana website kami memudahkan pencarian tayar saiz standard mengikut model kereta. Malangnya, kami tidak dapat memberikan kemudahan ini untuk kesemua kereta terutamanya kereta recond yang diimpot kerana spefikasinya adalah berbeza mengikut negara asal ianya didaftarkan.

How easy is it for you to find the product / information you are looking for on our website?%Age of Response
Extremely easy28%
Very easy53%
Moderately easy15%
Slightly easy3%
Not easy1%

Bagi soalan “How visually appealing is our website?”, kami mendapat markah yang sangat rendah iaitu hanya 57% yang memberikan 2 bracket teratas. Tetapi kami percaya, kecantikan sesuatu adalah personal preference setiap individu. Kami akan cuba untuk mengeluarkan dari warna/tona produk teknikal kepada sektor yang lebih menarik seperti fesyen.

How visually appealing is our website?%Age of Response
Extremely appealing9%
Very appealing48%
Moderately appealing30%
Slightly appealing10%
Not appealing4%

Salah satu kriteria penting dalam menjadi Network Workshop, ianya mestilah mempunyai tenaga kerja yang terlatih. 78% pelanggan mendapati mekanik yang bertugas adalah Extremely Knowlegeable dan Very Knowledgeable. Ini memberikan keyakinan kepada kami bahawa kereta tuan dan puan mendapatkan khidmat dari orang yang berpengetahuan didalam bidang penyelenggaraan kenderaan.

How knowledgeable are the staff of the Workshop / Service Provider?%Age of Response
Extremely knowledgeable12%
Very knowledgeable66%
Moderately knowledgeable20%
Slightly knowledgeable2%
Not knowledgeable0%

Selain dari pengetahuan teknikal, kami percaya friendliness workshop juga amat penting dalam memberikan perkhidmatan. Salah satu komen yang selalu didengar diluar sana adalah kesombongan mekanik yang tidak mesra pelanggan. Oleh itu, kami menekan faktor friendliness ini sebagai salah satu syarat menyertai sebagai sebagai Network Workshop. Didalam bidang ini, kami mencapai kadar 77% didalam Extremely Friendly dan Very Friendly. Walaupun 78% ini bukan 80% seperti yang diharapkan, kami percaya ianya adalah pencapaian yang boleh dibanggakan didalam sektor pembaikan kereta.

How friendly are the staff of the Workshop / Service Provider?%Age of Response
Extremely friendly15%
Very friendly62%
Moderately friendly20%
Slightly friendly1%
Not friendly2%

Bagi soalan “How would you rate the overall service provided by the Network Workshop?”, kami hanya mendapat peratusan yang agak rendah iaitu 72% bagi Excellent dan Very Good. Apabila kami membuat analisa yang mendalam, kami mendapati bahawa peratusan yang rendah ini adalah dari survey pelanggan yang mengunjungi beberapa Network Workshops kami. Siasatan yang dibuat mengenai mereka mendapati beberapa faktor yang kurang disenangi pelanggan. Bagi memastikan tahap keputusan pelanggan yang tinggi, kami telah mengambil keputusan untuk memutuskan kerjasama dengan Network Workshops yang bermasalah. Sekiranya keputusan mereka dikeluarkan dari overall score, peratus ini melonjak melebihi 80%.

How would you rate the overall service provided by the Network Workshop?%Age of Response
Very good47%

Bagi soalan terakhir “Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using” dan terpenting ini, kami berasa sangat berbangga bahawa 85% dari pelanggan memberikan jawaban Extremely Satisfied dan Very Satisfied. Kami telah berusaha dengan gigih untuk memberikan khidmat terbaik dan kami berasa sangat terharu salah satu objektif iaitu “Superior Customer Satisfaction” dapat dicapai. Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada anda pelanggan kami.

Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using of Response
Extremely satisfied31%
Very satisfied54%
Moderately satisfied10%
Slightly satisfied3%

Keputusan diatas memberikan kami semangat untuk terus berkhidmat dan memberi manafaat kepada anda dengan mencapai motto kami “Save and Safe Way to Buy Tyres” melalui website Kami akui terdapat banyak pembaikan yang harus dilakukan dimasa hadapan dan percayalah, kami akan mencuba yang terbaik.

Terima kasih.

5 tips untuk harungi banjir kilat dijalanraya

Oh wow.. Nampaknya dah hampir 3 bulan AR tidak update blog ini. Bukannya apa kekadang ketandusan idea nak bagi info pada yall yang handal pasal hal2 macam ini.. Terpaksa kepala bekerja keras untuk cari idea untuk share.

Anyway, sejak beberapa minggu yang lepas, nampaknya di Kuala Lumpur ini hujan lebat setiap hari. Kadang2 pagi dan kadang2 petang. Macam dah tiada pattern kan. Yang selalu menjadi masalah apabila hujan lebat ini, yang pertamanya ialah jalan menjadi lebih sesak. Dan yang paling leceh ialah banjir kilat yang terjadi tanpa amaran.

Hari ini, AR akan cuba untuk berkongsi 5 tips mudah untuk yall ikuti sekiranya berhadapan dengan keadaan banjir kilat semasa didalam perjalanan.

1. Cuba elakkan kawasan yang selalu banjir
Tip apa macam ini kan. Cerita cara nak harungi banjir dijalanraya tapi suruh elak kawasan banjir. Jika boleh, elakkan kawasan banjir dengan menggunakan waze bagi menunjukkan jalan2 yang lebih selamat. Selalunya pengguna-pengguna waze yang lain akan update tempat yang mengalami kenaikan air secara mendadak. Mendengar hebahan melalui radio juga akan membantu yall untuk mencari jalan alternatif kedestinasi yall itu. Sekiranya anda telah tiba dikawasan yang telah mula dinaiki air, pastikan kedalaman itu adalah selamat untuk dilalui oleh kenderaan yall itu. Contohnya, bagi kereta biasa, kedalaman selamat yang boleh dilalui adalah sekitar 6 inci sahaja manakala bagi SUV, ianya mungkin boleh melalui air sedalam 2 kaki. Sekiranya air itu lebih dalam, AR cadangkan yall cari tempat parking yang lebih tinggi untuk menunggu air itu surut.

2. Teruskan bergerak
Sekiranya yall mesti jugak lalu kawasan banjir kilat tu atas sebab-sebab yang tidak dapat dielakkan, cuba untuk teruskan pergerakan didalam air secara constant. Jangan berhenti atau menukar kadar kelajuan secara mendadak dengan menekan minyak atau brek. Bergerak dengan steady momentum. Sekiranya kereta berhenti didalam air, besar kemungkinannya yang air akan masuk kebahagian penting seperti intake dan exhaust. Gunakan gear rendah (1 – 2) pada kelajuan yang bersesuaian dan biarkan enjin anda beroperasi pada rpm yang lebih tinggi. Meredah air menggunakan lebih banyak tenaga dan menggunakan gear tinggi akan merendahkan rpm anda yang mungkin boleh mematikan engine.

3. Jangan start engine anda apabila engine mati didalam air
Sekiranya engine anda telah mati seketika meranduk air, jangan cuba menghidupkannya semula disitu. Terdapat banyak sebab yang telah menyebabkan engine itu mati. Sekiranya air telah memasuki engine anda melalui intake atau exhaust, cubaan menghidupkan engine disitu akan menyebabkan kerosakan yang lebih teruk. Matikan suis kereta anda dan dapatkan pertolongan untuk menolak kereta anda keluar dari air dikawasan yang selamat. Panggil tow truck untuk membawa kereta anda keworkshop yang dipercayai untuk pemeriksaan lanjut oleh mekanik.

4. Jangan panik sekiranya anda terperangkap didalam keret
Sekiranya cubaan anda untuk meranduk air dengan kereta anda tidak berjaya, jangan panik. Anda perlukan lebih banyak daya untuk membuka pintu kereta anda kerana tekanan dari air diluar. Gunakan kuasa dari kedua-dua kaki anda untuk menolak pintu itu. Yang paling penting, mesti berasa tenang dan tidak panik. Sekiranya cubaan itu tidak berjaya, cuba buka tingkap dengan memusing pemegang pembuka tingkap bagi kereta yang menggunakannya atau menggunakan switch tingkap sekiranya masih ada tenaga elektrik. Sekiranya tingkap tidak dapat dibuka, anda terpaksa memecahkan tingkap dengan mengetuknya dengan head rest. Memecahkan cermin tingkap adalah jauh lebih mudah dari memecahkan cermin hadapan. Setelah keluar dari kereta, pergi ketempat yang lebuh selamat.

5. Tekan brek anda dengan lembut untuk membuang lapisan air
Sekiranya anda berjaya meranduk air dengan kereta anda, anda harus menekan brek anda dengan lembut untuk membuang air yang berada diatas permukaan brek anda.

Yay.. Itu lah sahaja untuk hari ini.. Jumpa lagi dimasa hadapan.

Yang bawah ni dalam English yang google tolong translatekan

Oh wow.. It seems that almost 3 months AR does not update this blog. It is hard work to find the idea to share.

Anyway, over the last few weeks, it seems that in Kuala Lumpur, it is raining heavily every day. Sometimes in the morning at times, in the afternoon. There is no pattern yet. The first issue with this rain, the traffic and the second, the flash flood that just happens.

Today, AR will try to share 5 simple tips to follow when dealing with flash floods during your drive.

1. Try to avoid areas that are always flooded
What kind of tip is this? The article is about giving tips flooding in the streets but to avoid flooding. If possible, avoid flooded area by using waze to show safer roads. Often other waze users will update places that are experiencing a sudden increase in water. Listening for announcement through radio will also help you to find the alternative way to your destination. If you have arrived at the area that has been flooded, make sure the depth is safe to go through. For example, for normal cars, the safe passable depth is around 6 inches whilst for the SUV, it may pass through 2 feet deep. If the water is deeper, AR recommends finding a higher parking space to wait for the water to recede.

2. Keep moving
If you have to clear the flash floods for the unavoidable reasons, try to keep the constant movement in the water. Do not stop or change speed abruptly by pressing the accelerator or brake. If the car stops in the water, it is likely that water has entered the intake and exhaust. Use low gear (1 – 2) at the appropriate speed and let your engine operate at a higher rpm. Ridging water uses more energy and using high gear will lower your rpm which may kill the engine.

3. Do not start your engine when the engine dies in the water
If your engine has stalled in the water, do not try to turn it on again. There are many reasons that caused the engine to die. If water has entered your engine through the intake or exhaust, attempting to start the engine there will cause more damage. Turn off your switch and get help to push your car out of the water to a safe area. Call the tow truck to bring your car a trusted workshop for further inspection by mechanics.

4. Do not panic if you are trapped inside the trunk
If your attempt to wade the water with your car does not work, do not panic. You more power to open your car door because of the pressure from the water outside. Use the power of both feet to push the door. Most importantly, you must be calm and not panicking. If the attempt is unsuccessful, try opening the window by turning the window opener or using the window switch if there is electricity. If the attempts fail, you have to break the window by whacking it with a headrest. After getting out of the car, go to a safer place.

5. Press your brakes gently to remove the layers of water
If you managed to wtade he water with your car, you should push your brakes gently to remove the water on your brakes.

Dah nak kena tukar ke ni?

Hello semua.. AR nak cerita pasal tips untuk menentukan samada anda memerlukan tayar yang baru.

Mungkin ramai yang tidah menyedari fakta ini tetapi tayar adalah satu-satunya bahagian kereta yang menyentuk permukaan jalan. Dan pastinya, ianya sepatutnya mendapat perhatian yang sangat serious dari kesemua pemandu. Tapi malangnya, AR nampak ramai pemandu mengabai keadaan tayar kereta mereka malah mereka lebih pentingkan faktor kecantikan kecantikan dari keselamatan.

Tayar yang berkualiti dan yang diselenggara dengan baik boleh menyumbang kepada keselamatan anda, meningkatkan ekonomi bahan apai, pengendalian yang sempurna dan dapat berhenti dalam apa-apa keadaan jalan. Selain dari itu, ianya dapat memberikan keselesaan dan kualiti perjalanan yang lebih baik.

Melangkah ke kedai penjual tayar di kawasan anda pastinya pengalaman yang luar biasa kerana terdapat terlampau banyak faktor yang difikirkan. Jenama, model, pembuatan, komposisi dan harga. Jadi kami di mytayar telah cuba memberikan info-info penuh mengenai tayar untuk analisa yall.

Dibawah ini, AR letakkan tips-tips untuk yall ikuti.

1. Lakukan pemerikssan visual secara cepat secara berkala. Sekiran anda melihat pattern kehausan yang berbeza-beza, dinding sisi retak, atau sebarang perubahan warna atau menonjol; sudah sampai masa untuk anda membeli tayar yang baru.

Sekiranya tayar anda sudah berusia lebih dari 6 tahun, pertimbangkan untuk menggantikannya walaupun kelihatan masih OK kerana getah merosot dengan pendedahan kepada oksigen.

2. Pastikan kereta anda didalam keadaan yang baik. Lihat tahap kehausan bunga tayar tidak sekata yang disebabkan oleh masalah misalignment atau suspension. Sekiranya anda menggantikan tayar yang baru ke kereta yang mengalami masalah misalignment atau suspension, tayar yang baru itu tidak akan dapat bertahan lama.

3. Semak saiz tayar kereta anda di dalam manual pemilik dan maklumat placard. Maklumat ini diwajibkan dibawah undang-undang dan dipasang terus ke tepi pintu, pos pintu, pintu petak sarung tangan atau di dalam boot kereta anda.

4. Ok.. Sekarang dah baca saiz tayar dah.. Tapi apa yang derang tulis tu? Tulisan-tulisan ditepi tayar itu adalah sebahagian daripada kod standard untuk memberikan info tayar.

Contoh tanda sisi tayar – 185/55R15 81H

• Kod nombor tiga digit ialah lebar tayar (dalam milimeter) dari pinggir sisi-sisi tepi.
• Kemudian, nombor dua digit yang merupakan nisbah aspek tayar, atau nisbah ketinggian kepada lebar.
• Seterusnya, satu huruf, huruf “R” yang menunjukkan tayar itu adalah radial tyre.
• Kemudian, satu lagi nombor dua digit, iaitu diameter roda yang sesuai untuk tayar.
• Seterusnya, nombor dua atau tiga pilihan. Ini adalah nombor indeks beban tayar. Jangan memasang tayar dengan nombor indeks beban yang lebih rendah daripada yang disyorkan.
• Seterusnya, satu surat. Inilah kadar kelajuan tayar. Ikut cadangan pengeluar anda. Anda hanya perlu menaik taraf ke penarafan kelajuan yang lebih tinggi jika anda telah mengubah suai kenderaan anda untuk kegunaan trek.

5. AR tahu ramai pemilik kereta yang menukar rim mereka sebaik sahaja mereka mendapat kereta. Namun demikian, AR selalu melihat mereka hanya memilih rim tersebut dari sudut kecantikan sahaja tanpa menghiraukan aspek teknikal. Seperti contoh, rim aftermarket ini selalunya dibuat sebagai pengganti universal kepada semua jenis kereta. Jadi ukurannya adalah kurang sesuai dengan kenderaan anda. Sebagai contoh, offset dan said centre bore adalah berbeza untuk Proton Saga dan Perodua Myvi meskipun kedua-duanya menggunakan rim berdiameter 14″. Lakukan penyelidikan yang serius sebelum membuat keputusan menukar rim itu, dan berhati-hatilah untuk tidak mengorbankan pengendalian dan keselamatan yang terlalu banyak untuk penampilan.

6. AR cadangkan yall membeli set lengkap dan sepadan. Dengan menggantikan semua empat tayar sekaligus, anda akan dapat mengekalkan tayar anda dengan lebih baik. Elakkan dari tabiat menggunakan tayar yang berbeza digandar yang sama. Oh ya.. jika anda hanya menukar 2 tayar baharu, pastikan tayar baru itu diletakkan di gandar belakang.

7. Pertimbangkan membeli melalui Internet (lebih baik beli di mytayar sahaja). Yall boleh menjimatkan wang membeli di online sahaja kerana harganya terbuka dan ini dapat mengelakkan anda ditipu.

AR tahu sekarang ini, ramai yang mengeluh dengan kesempitan wang dikala ekonomi negara kurang baik. Semuanya nak cari tayar harga murah.. Setiap hari kami dapat request dari pengguna “Cheap tyres… Tayar murah”.. Tapi yall tahu, kami di sini tak menjanjikan tayar murah.. Kami janjikan tayar pada harga kompetitif untuk yall pilih sendiri.. Apa tayar yang yall nak? Michelin ada, Bridgestone ada, Continental ada, Goodyear ada, Hankook ada, Viking pun ada.. Datang jer anytime ok.. Kami jenis tak kacau orang masa yall datang browse pukul 3 pagi sekali p

Sapa yang BM kurang tu, meh sini baca english version…

Perhaps many are unaware of this fact but the tires are the only part of the car that touch the surface of the road. And of course, it should get very serious attention from all the drivers. But unfortunately, many drivers ignore the condition of their car tires as they place more importance to the look.

Quality and well-maintained tires can contribute to your safety, improve the fuel consumption, better handling and stop in any road conditions. In addition, it can provide better travel quality and comfort.

Talking to tire vendors in your area is certainly a challenging experience because there are too many factors to think about. Brand, model, manufacture, composition and price. So we at mytayar tried to provide the full info about tires for analysis.

Below, AR put the tips to follow.

1. Periodically perform visual examinations of the tires. If you notice different patterns of wear, cracked side wall, or any color changes; It’s time for you to buy a new tire.

If your tire is over 6 years old, consider replacing it even though it looks OK because rubber deteriorates with exposure to oxygen.

2. Make sure your car is in good condition. Uneven tire wear may be caused by misalignment or suspension problems. If you replace a new tire of a car with misalignment or suspension problem, the new tire will not last long.

3. Check the size of your car tire in owner’s manual and placard information. This information is required under the law and installed at the edges of the door, door post, glove door or in the boot of your car.

4. Ok .. Now read the size of the tire.. Tire posts are part of the standard code to provide tire info.

Examples of tire side marks – 185 / 55R15 81H

• The three digit number code is the width of the tire (in millimeters) from the edge to edge.
• Then, the double digit number that is the aspect ratio of the tire, or the height ratio to the width.
• Next, one letter, the letter “R” indicating the tire is a radial tire.
• Then, another double digit number, which is the tyre diameter.
• Next, the number two or three options. This is the tire load index number. Do not install tires with lower load index numbers than recommended.
• Next, one letter. This is the speed rating of the tire. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. You only need to upgrade to a higher speed rating if you have modified your vehicle for the use of the track.

5. AR knows many car owners change their rims as soon as they get the car. We always see that they only choose the rim from the point of beauty only rather than technical aspects. This aftermarket rim is often made as a universal substitute for all types of cars. So the size is less suitable for your vehicle. For example, the offset and center bore size is different for Proton Saga and Perodua Myvi even though they use a 14 “diameter rim. Do serious research before deciding to change the rim, and be careful not to sacrifice too much handling and security for appearance.

6. AR recommend yall buy a complete set and match. By replacing all four wheels at once, you will be able to keep your tires better. Avoid the habit of using different tires in the same way. Oh yes .. if you just change 2 new tires, make sure the new tires are placed on the rear axle.
7. Consider buying through the Internet (preferably buy at mytayar only). Yall can save money online just because the price is open and this can prevent you being cheated.

AR knows right now, many are complaining about the hardships. All are looking for cheap tire tires .. Everyday we get requests for “Cheap tires … Cheap tires” .. But we are not promising cheap tires .. We promise tires at competitive prices for yall to select yourself .. Michelin is here, Bridgestone is here, Continental is here, Goodyear is here, Hankook is here, Viking is here ..