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Select the type of product that you need.

Enter your distance preference.

Enter your Location. This can be your home or office or any other place which shall serve as a starting point for your search.

Next, enter the attributes of the product you are seeking using the drop down menu, and then click the “GET YOUR SEARCH RESULT” button.

You may further refine the search results using the various product attributes.

Once you’ve found the product that you want, just click the “Add To Cart” button.

You can change the quantity of the product. Enter your Discount Code in the appropriate box or check if there is already prefilled periodic Discount Code. Click "Apply Discount" to get your discount.


Sign in into your account or register a new account as indicated by the pop up screen.

Pay the indicated Non-Refundable Deposit (less any discount) through the website using PayPal or Internet Banking to secure your order. This amount shall be part payment for the order.

You will receive a confirmation email with the workshop’s details. Call the workshop to set an appointment to carry out the work.

Visit the workshop to get the work done and pay the balance sum (Total Price minus Non-Refundable Deposit Paid).

Car Tyres (All Inclusive Pricing)

Tyre(s), rubber tubeless valve(s), installation, off-wheel balancing after trade-in of current tyre(s). Free Alignment check when you buy 4 tyres or more. Subject to minimum purchase of 2 units.

Not Included

Additional services and materials are chargeable at standard rate. [Example: Offset camber nut, alignment adjustment, nitrogen gas etc]


Engine Oil Change

As specified by each Car Service Package description.

Not Included
Additional services and materials are chargeable at standard rate.

Car Battery (With Delivery)

Battery, Installation, Alternator Check, Warranty and Free Delivery within specified area after trade-in of existing battery. Battery will be delivered within 4 hours of purchase from 9am to 7pm on respective Network Workshop business day. Orders from 3pm to 12am will be delivered the next business day.

Not Included

Additional services and materials are chargeable at standard rate.


Car Battery (Self Pickup)

Battery, Installation, Alternator Check and Warranty.  

Not Included

Additional services and materials are chargeable at standard rate.


Commercial Tyre

Tyre(s), rubber tubeless valve(s), installation, off wheel balancing after trade-in of current tyre(s).

Not Included

Additional services and materials are chargeable atstandard rate. [Example: Offset camber nut, alignment adjustment, nitrogen gas etc]

We wish to highlight that all prices quoted on the website is on cash basis. Therefore, the workshop may charge you additional credit/debit card charges (around 4%) on top of your balance sum should you pay by credit/debit card.

We are working hard to grow the number of Network Workshops. However, we placed great emphasis to quality rather than quantity to ensure that you, as a customer, get the best service possible. Check the map indicating where are our Network Workshops.  


Our sincerest apology as the Network Workshop details will be in the Order Confirmation email once you make a booking online.

This is due to the confidentiality agreement between us and the Network Workshops to only provide their details to confirmed buyer.

We have a strict selection procedure to add a workshop. Most of the initial workshops were introduced by our friends and families who have frequented the workshops. Essentially, we paid great emphasis on the friendliness of the owner, cleanliness of the premises, location of the workshop, wide range of services offered and other factors.

We will be introducing a rating system for the Network Workshops . The rating will be based solely on the feedback received from customers who had dealings with the workshop. The rating system will ensure that the workshop is delivering his best to you.

If you are an owner or operator of a workshop, you are most welcome to join our network. We will assess your workshop against the predetermined set of criteria to determine eligibility. Please feel free to contact us via email at info@mytayar.com for further discussion.

The products sold through our website and NetworkWorkshops are all NEW 100% original with the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

All products sold are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your selected workshop for warranty of the product you purchased.

The workshop from whom you purchased the product will be happy to assist you to claim warranty from the manufacturer. Please ensure that you keep all the documentation of the purchase.

We do not require registration and login for you to browse our website up to a certain point. Feel free to check the pricing at your convenience.

When you make an order at this website, you are required to pay the indicated non-refundable deposit to secure the product. This non-refundable deposit will be used to reserve the product from other interested customers.

For this payment, we accept credit/debit cards or Internet Banking through PayPal (you may need to create/have PayPal account to pay).

You can pay by cash for the the balance sum to the Network Workshops. Payment by Debit/Credit Card is available in almost all Network Workshops.

We only accept Ringgit Malaysia.

After selecting your product, on the cart page, enter the “DISCOUNT CODE"  in appropriate box. Click “Get Discount” and the discount will be automatically calculated. The non-refundable deposit amount will be reduced accordingly.

When we offer special discount during certain period, we will prefill the Discount Code in the appropriate box. Just click “Get Discount” and your purchase amount will be recalculated accordingly.

You may only use one discount code or promotion for each purchase.

For the payment of the non-refundable deposit to the website and the balance sum to the workshop, your payment will be immediately reflected in your credit/debit card amount or bank balance.

We do make mistake at times. Assuming that you have purchased the wrong product (you purchased Perodua Viva tyres for your Perodua MYVI as an example) during checkout, there are two methods you can explore.

  • Discuss it with the workshop to offer you the correct product for your application. Assuming that you agree to purchase the correct product from the workshop, you just need to pay for the purchase price less the non-refundable deposit already paid. Do note that normally the workshop would quote the balance amount to be paid.
  • Assuming that you disagree to purchase the correct product from that particular workshop, you may go through the buying process again through the website for the correct product. After you have paid the non-refundable deposit for the correct product, please contact us for the refund of the non-refundable deposit made for the wrong product. We will review your request after discussing it with the workshop to prevent system abuse.

Yes, you can. The same methods mentioned above apply.

We strive to ensure that every payment transaction occurs within a secure environment. The payment to us is processed by accredited payment gateways on their own secured respective websites. These payment gateways are leading payment solution providers. 

All the payment gateways must meet the highest security encryption certification as per industry standard. You can see the transaction is secure if you see a keylock at the address bar of your web browser.

As the processing is done on on the respective payment gateway website, we do not have any access to your credit card and banking information. 

The security of your personal information is very important to us. We never sell or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. We value your trust very highly and will work to protect the security and privacy of any personal information you provide to us and will only use it for our own internal use.

We comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 as spelt out in mytayar.com/pdpa.php

If the Network Workshop you selected participate in the manufacturer programme, any promotion such as free gifts, membership, bonus points and similar activities offered by the manufacturer will given to you by the workshop in accordance to the marketing programme of the manufacturer.

That is a great news. Introduce him to us. He would value you as a good customer and a friend. If we include your introduced Workshops to our list, we would be happy to extend you a small token as an appreciation.

Email the details to us by clicking here info@mytayar.com

All the products sold on the website is BRAND NEW. This is to ensure that you as a consumer are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

We reserves the right to correct the price at any time prior to installation of products where there has been a typographical or other error in the price and/or description. We will notify you of the corrected price. You may choose to pay the corrected price, however if you do not choose to pay the corrected price, then we will have the right to cancel your order without further obligation to you (other than to issue an appropriate refund or credit to your account, as may be applicable, if you have already paid).

Unlike regular shops that normally quote a high price at a start of negotiation and giving a huge discount to entice you to buy from them, our Network Workshops are already giving you the lowest price possible. As such, giving a big discount is no longer an option for us. We are very confident that our prices on the website is very competitive despite the minimal discount compared to the regular shops with the huge discount to offset the initially high prices.

For example, the regular shop might offer a 20% discount on a tyre listed at RM500 each which makes is RM400 each. On our website, the similar tyre might be offered at RM380 without you needing to ask for a discount.

We impose the condition that the Network Workshops must supply tyres less than 18 months old.

Tyres aged more than 18 months will be clearly marked as "New Old Stock" on our website.

Note : Unlike the typical setup where the tyres are in front of the seller, we are unable to check the manufacturing date of each tyre.

As we must cover all tyres at all locations, we have selected 18 months as the cutoff point for determining whether the tyres are considered new stock. This is to ensure uniformity as some imported tyres from Europe are already a year old when it landed here. Some of the locally manufactured tyres are made in small batches resulting in slightly aged tyres lingering in the market.

We found it is hard to explain having too many policies on tyre age. As such, we decided to use 18 months as the cutoff point which applies to all tyres at all locations.

We believe that due to business model design, the participating Network Workshops will do their best to satisfy the customer. They are keen to keep you as a customer for future business. This includes giving newly manufactured tyres in its inventory which has been seen repeated over and over again.

Contrary to popular belief, studies by Michelin showed that there is no performance difference between recently manufactured tyre versus new 3 years old tyres as shown in the link here http://www.michelin.com.my/MY/en/help-and-support/tyreaging.htm



Once you pay the deposit online, you have 10 days to complete the purchase. This means that you must get the work done and pay the balance to the workshop.

In the event that the work is not done within the 10 days, we take it that you wish to cancel the order. We will then forfeit the Non Refundable Deposit. Please do let us know if you are unable to get the work done due to unforeseen circumstances.

To minimise your waiting time at the workshop and to ensure that your products are already available, we strongly suggest that you call them on the number listed in the Order Confirmation email before going. The workshop can give you alternative time if they are operating at full capacity at your suggested time.

Further, this will remind them to get the stock ready in the workshop to serve your order as some products are kept at alternative location.

We value your time and energy.

While we and the Network Workshops put great emphasis of ensuring stock availability for the products on the website, on some occassions, we might end up with out-of-stock situation. For example, a walk-in customer might had just bought the last unit before your order.

In this situation, the workshops may be able to offer you alternative products for your decision. You may then either accept the alternative products at the price to be agreed between you and the workshop. The price quoted by the workshop has already considered the deposit paid.

In the event that the Network Workshop is unable to fulfil you order with the product that you required within 3 working days, we would refund the payment made by you for the said order.

Please contact us at +6010-77 TAYAR (+6010-77 82927) to discuss further.

The discounts and promotions offered by the Network Workshops are meant for their walk-in customers. As you are using the website to select products based on pricing and location, your decision is not influenced by their discounts and promotions as you are unaware of it.

As such, you are not eligible to the other dicounts and/or promotions offered by the Network Workshops.

Our system will send an Order Confimation email to you once we received the payment of the Non Refundable Deposit. 

However, there are times when the communication between your Bank, the Payment Gateway and our server is interrupted resulting in the failure of the system to send the Order Confirmation email to you. We have put in place a procedure to ensure that the Order Confirmation email is sent within 2 hours of the payment confirmation. 

In the event that you still do not receive the Order Confirmation email after 2 hours of payment, please feel free to contact us via +6010 77 TAYAR (+6010 77 82927) or via the chat service on the website.

The product purchased by you will be made available within 3 working days after the order. Please call the Network Workshops to enquire when the product will be made available. They might have ready stock for your immediate use.

The 3 working days is calculated as 72 hours from the order time (excluding weekends and holidays observed by the state where the respective Network Workshop operates. Note that during major festive period, Network Workshops might be closed for extended period and therefore, the 3 working days might be extended).

Cancellation, Refund, Return & Exchange

You may cancel your purchase before getting the work done at the workshop.

Please contact us to cancel the purchase.In the event that you are not getting the work done at the workshop after 10 days despite our requests, we shall take it that you wish to cancel the purchase.

Please let us know beforehand if you intend to delay the work for some unavoidable reasons. In the event of cancellation, the Non Refundable Deposit paid shall be forfeited as processing fee.

Prior getting the work done, we do not return the non-refundable deposit except for those cases mentioned under "What if I bought the wrong product?" above. Please contact us at +6010-77 82927 to discuss the situation.

In the event that we are unable to fulfill your order in accordance to the terms and conditions specifed on the website, we will be more be happy to refund the amount paid.

Any refund will be returned to the originating payment source.In the case of post work refund, we are not able to entertain your request unless it is specifically covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The exchange policy is covered by the manufacturers. If the manufacturers provide exchange as part of their marketing strategy, the same will be provided to you. Please refer to the workshop for any clarification.

In the event that you purchase higher quantity and paid the non-refundable deposit but then decided to lower the quantity during the installation, we take it that you are cancelling the excess quantity. In this event, the cancellation policy applies whereby the unused quantity non-refundablle deposit shall be forfeited as processing fee.

For example, if you purchase 4 units on the website and decided to obtain 3 units at the workshop, the non-refundable deposit of the remaining 1 unit shall be forfeited. You are required to pay the balance sum for the 3 units less the non-refundable deposit paid for the 3 units only.

To ensure that we can offer you the lowest price possible, the workshops are practising "just in time" purchasing to avoid financial cost associated with keeping the inventory. The workshops would stock the product as soon as he is aware that someone has bought such a product. In the event of cancellation, the workshop has an inventory that will take time to clear. The non-refundable deposit shall be use to cover the financial cost of carrying products that you no longer need.

Any product return is governed by the policy of the respective manufacturer. If the manufacturer of the product you purchase allows returns, it will be undertaken by them directly. Please refer to the workshop for further information.